The Ups and Downs of Leading a Security Vendor with Erkang Zheng

Today on CyberBytes: The Podcast, I’m joined by Erkang, Zheng, CEO & Founder of JupiterOne.

JupiterOne was initially born during Erkang’s time as CISO at LifeOmic, and Erkang has always found numerous similarities between medicine and cybersecurity. He talks me through the process of spinning JupiterOne into its own entity and the journey over the past 7 years.

Importantly, Erkang gives the raw insight into life as a tech founder not always being the sunshine and rainbows that social media can portray. He had to make hard decisions in 2023, and believes it’s important to talk about this side of his role.

If you want an insight into what 2023 was like for a founder, then check this episode out.