Turning the tables on Fraudsters with Philipp Pointner

Today’s guest we have Philipp Pointner, Chief of Digital Identity at Jumio, a leading digital identity verification platform that helps verify and detect fraudulent identities and transactions online. 

Philipp is a passionate product management guy, having started at Jumio over 12 years ago as their Chief Product Officer he handed the baton to Bala Kumar and now sits as Chief of Digital Identity.  

A slightly different episode in terms of content to what I am used to as we dive into identity fraud and cover:


What is digital identity and identity fraud and what Jumio are doing about it.

How GenAI has evolved and how Jumio are using it to safeguard users as well as how fraudsters are also using it

Identifying fraud patterns and transactions

Fraudster goals, enterprise risks, Fraud GPT, Deepfakes and much more

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