Scythe-Wielding Unicorn with a Serious Mission with Bryson Bort

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Byrson Bort. He gives the unique perspective of a 3x founder of GRIMM an offensive security services company, Scythe a next-gen adversary emulation tool Scythe, and the ICS Security Village the non-profit (and a cooking show!).

Tune in to listen to his story and:

✔ How a military nickname turned into a brand story across 2 companies

✔ His journey from Seed to Series A in what Bryson describes as Scrappy – Honeymoon – Wilderness – Execution stages

✔ What it was like hiring and handing over the helm of GRIMM to the CEO

✔ What it’s like building a business for a market that does not exist yet