How to Secure the Identity Perimeter with Lior Yaari

This week’s guest is Lior Yaari, CEO & Co-Founder at Grip Security. Hot of the back of a $41m Series B Funding round I got to chance to sit down with Lior and talk all things Grip Security. Lior’s story starts like all Israeli founders, coming out of the military and after spending time in automotive security, working at YL Ventures as part of the investment team he then decided to found Grip with his 2 Co-Founders Alon Shankler and Idan Fest, Bostona unique

Another Forbes 30 Under 30, Lior has just moved to Boston to crack the US and if you are not aware of Grip you should check out this episode

We Discuss:

✔️ Lior’s journey from Venture Capital to Cybersecurity startup founder

✔️ SaaS Security and the problem CISO’s are experiencing and how it’s evolved over the last 10years

✔️ How Grip is solving the SaaS Security problem and what they are doing differently and their plans for the future as well as much more