CyberBytes: RSA 2024 Edition: Nudge Security with Russell Spitler

Russell Spitler, CEO and Co-founder of Nudge Security, and I sat down on the last day of RSA during a hugely exciting week for the team! 

They announced their Series A raise via Forgepoint Capital, Evolution Equity and Squadra Ventures to propel them further in the SaaS Data Security space. 

Tune in to today’s episode of CyberBytes: The Podcast RSA Edition to learn about… 

  • Russ and his co-founder’s early background of building and selling their first security business to AT&T 
  • The reins that working at a large corporation puts on new technology adoption 
  • The challenge behind securely managing data held in SaaS applications that Nudge was founded to solve 
  • The huge customer adoption that has come from their PLG model and fast installation
  • How the involvement of the CFO has changed and evolved their selling process and positioning of the product 

Wishing Russ and his team the best of success following their A Round! 

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