CyberBytes: RSA 2024 Edition: LeakSignal with Wesley Hales

Today on CyberBytes: The Podcast RSA 2024 Edition, it’s a pleasure to welcome Wesley Hales, CEO & Co-founder of LeakSignal. 

Wesley and his team set out 2 years ago to solve the super hard problem of in-transit data classification. They recently raised their Seed round and Wesley talks about 

  • The problem DSPM does not solve and how LeakSignal successfully tackle this 
  • The challenge of turning a great idea into a commercially viable security company with true product market fit 
  • The problems that the SVB collapse and investors shift to AI caused 
  • How his ‘chipping away at a boulder whilst rolling it uphill’ approach will create a truly special business 

We love speaking to companies early on in their journey of building an innovative vendor in this space, and very much looking forward to seeing what Wesley and his team do over the coming years! 




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