CyberBytes: RSA 2024 Edition: AppOmni with Brandon Conley

Any current or aspiring sales leader needs to check out today’s episode of CyberBytes: The Podcast RSA Edition. 

Brandon Conley, CRO of AppOmni, joined me at RSA to talk about his path from IT Recruiter to high performing Cybersecurity sales leader. His gives some solid advice that folk can take on board and execute to achieve some of the results he has. You’ll hear him talk about… 

  • His 4 year journey from joining AppOmni early in ARR to closing numerous Fortune 10/100 customers, 3 of the Magnificent 7 and being 50% ahead of the closest competitor 
  • How a switch to a ‘dynamic books’ account strategy 6 months ago has helped his sales force
  • The important that patience plays in being a successful sales leader and founder 
  • His take on how valuable exhibiting at RSA really is

Out of all of our RSA guests, Brandon gives the most actionable tips, so well worth a listen! 


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