CyberBytes: RSA 2024 Edition: AKA Identity with Gabe Deale

Today’s guest is Gabe Deale, COO @ AKA Identity an IAM company that simplifies manual and inefficient identity and access management decisions with visibility, intelligence and action.

Gabe is a start-up junkie and has joined AKA to build and be part of a company setting the new industry standard.

In this episode, Gabe and I cover: 

  • The story behind AKA and the problem they solve
  • Gabe’s journey before joining AKA
  • What to look for when considering a career move to a cyber startup
  • How AKA is differentiating from its competition in the Identity space
  • Gabe’s take on how the Identity space will evolve
  • The best piece of advice Gabe has been given
  • Advice Gabe would give to his younger self 

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