Cloud Forensics & Incident Response with Chris Doman

This week’s guest is Chris Doman, Co-Founder & CTO at Cado Security. Chris was highly recommended to have on the pod having had a colourful start as a Teenage Hacker. He’s now on his second Cybersecurity startup having previously had a successful exit with Threatcrowd which was acquired by Alienvault and now most recently has founded Cado with Co-Founder James Campbell which was the First Cloud Forensics and Incident Response Platform

We Discuss:

✔️His early days as a teenage hacker, Cado Security and how they are helping enterprises post breach and what they are doing differently

✔️How things have evolved over the last 3.5years and their unique culture

✔️Their Root Cause Engineering Approach, Cloud Forensics and Incident Response and much more