API Security | Akamai Neosec with Giora Engel

This weeks guest is Giora Engel, CEO & Co-Founder at Neosec now part of Akamai. Giora is no stranger to Cybersecurity start-up, having had 2 successful exits, first with LightCyber which he founded with one of my previous guests Michael Mumcuoglu which sold to Palo Alto Networks and more recently, his API Security startup NeoSec which has now formed as API Security Akamai.

We Discuss:

✔️ API Security and the breadth of the problem with vulnerabilities only being

part of it

✔️ The launch of Akamai API Security and their native connector

✔️ ShadowHunt, OWASP API Security Top 10, The future of API Security and