4x CEO, Securing Our World for Tomorrow with Dave DeWalt

Today’s guest we have the infamous Dave DeWalt. Founder & CEO at NightDragon. 

Dave is a 4x CEO and security industry titan. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, he studied Computer Science at the University of Delaware, to my surprise also spending his spare time training as a Wrestler! Upon graduating and not really knowing what he wanted to do he heard about the Silicon Valley dream and decided to pack his belongings with no job secured and travel across the US in his Pontiac t1000 where his dream become a reality.

As CEO, Dave went on to having 2 of his companies acquired for an incredible $1.9b (Documentum) and $7.7b (McAfee)

A truly inspiring story from a humbling legend, this one is not to be missed,

We discuss:

  • Dave’s mission for NightDragon (Securing our world for tomorrow) and his investment thesis
  • His advice to startup founders, the 4 H’s and 3 T’s
  • How important surrounding yourself with great people is
  • NightDragon’s future and Dave’s prediction for the Cybersecurity space in 2024.